Become a Shotgun Shooting Instructor 2024!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

July 26 – July 28


This shotgun instructors certification course is a program developed by Dave Fiedler, a nationally renown shotgun shooting instructor with over 30 years experience, and sanctioned by the youth shooting sports organization USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS).

If you’re interested in becoming a shotgun instructor with certification, sign up today! This course was designed to provide new instructors with the knowledge and ability to teach the fundamentals, such as stance (foot and body position), proper gun fit, evaluating eye dominance, visually acquiring the target and reading the signs for ’cause and effect’ of lost targets. With the knowledge gained from this course you will be equipped to instruct beginning students of all ages in the recreational shotgun sports.

Together we will enlighten and secure the future of our shooting sports! For more information on this shotgun instructors course contact Dave Fiedler or Vandy Fiedler at (503) 792-3431 or [email protected].


During this course student instructors will be working with student shotgunners while being supervised by head instructor Dave Fiedler.

Student shotgunners who are beginners to intermediate level shooters will gain fundamental skills, techniques and tools while working on the clay target games of Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap.

This is a great opportunity to gain professional instruction at a fraction of the cost!

Student Instructor Schedule


Student instructors will be shooting on Friday so be sure to bring your shotgun and a case of shells.



The cost to participate as a student instructor is $500 plus target fees.

Student Shooter Schedule

Limited to 12 shooters per time slot.
Time slots available are:

9am – 11:30am
1pm – 3:30pm

9am – 11:30am
1pm – 3:30pm

The cost to participate as a student shotgunner is $65 per person per time slot and covers:

♦ Instruction
♦ All targets
♦ Use of a rental shotgun*

*Must purchase shells from our pro shop for use in rental shotguns

Lunch will be available for purchase on-site or feel free to bring your own.
(Student Instructors Only)

Sign Up
To sign up for the instructors course as a student instructor or shotgunner, please call the clubhouse at 503-792-3431 or email us at [email protected].

Salem Trap & Skeet Member Appreciation Day

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Salem Trap & Skeet Club along with Mid-Valley Clays & Shooting School, invite you to a special  Member Appreciation Day
Saturday, June 22nd, 10:00-2:00pm.
This will be a day full of shooting, drawings for great prizes, with food, fellowship and fun.
Members must have purchased a membership or be in good standing by June 21, 2024.
Enter the drawing to win the following:
  • Beretta A400 Xcel, valued at $2,199
  • Pilla Outlaw, 3 lens shooting glasses, valued at $1,200
  • Drawing tickets are $25 each, the more tickets you buy the more chances to win!
  • Contact William  [email protected]

Drawings will be held at high noon for many other great prizes such as:
  • Beretta gun case and backpack
  • Flats of RIO or Fiocchi Ammo
  • Free lessons with Mid Valley Clay Instructors
  • Family portrait package
  • Plus much, much more!
But the “big deal of the day” is that the first 100 current members who arrive will receive 100 free sporting clays targets on a count-down card, but can shoot additional targets for just $0.34 cents ea. Free and reduced-price targets must be shot on June 22, 2024.
Helice targets can also be shot for $2.50/each on June 22, 2024 only! No limit!
So save the date & mark your calendars. Plan to join the party, meet your Board Members, meet other Members, and have a good time!  We look forward to a fun-filled day as we celebrate the folks who make the Club possible, our Members!
The Board
Salem Trap and Skeet Club

The Best Sporting Clays Shotgun

The best sporting clays shotgun is the one that fits you!

Shotgun fit isn’t a term you may not hear often, but one that has the greatest impact on your success as a shotgun shooter. Most hunters and sporting clay enthusiasts read a few “The Best Sporting Clays Shotgun” lists, select a factory gun off the rack, test its heft, eye the finish, and purchase it. Now, this isn’t to say that your new shotgun won’t be effective, but it won’t be as precise as it could be because most mass-produced shotguns are designed for the “average shooter’s build,” forcing the shooter to adjust and adapt to the shotgun rather than having the gun adjusted to fit them.

When a shotgun has been properly fitted to the shooter, it feels comfortable to the shooter. When mounted, it becomes an extension of their body, in natural symmetry with their eyes, head, and arms. It rises fluidly to the cheek, rests comfortably on the shoulder, and the shooter’s eyes align almost instinctively down the barrel. Now doesn’t that sound like the best sporting clays shotgun?

So what parts of your shotgun should we focus on? Mount, stock length, and sight picture.


When you mount your shotgun, check the distance between your thumb and nose. We recommend at least an inch of spacing to account for recoil. You want to avoid striking your nose and breaking your concentration on the range or out in the field. You want to keep your eyes downrange and your barrel tracking the next target.

Stock Length

When considering stock length, there are three specific measurements to account for: drop at comb, heel, and length of pull. Using these three measurements to fit a shotgun to your body will significantly affect your shooting success.
A stock that is too long may catch under the armpit or drag on the lower shoulder—delaying your ability to acquire a target. Whereas a stock that is too short may cause a conflict with your face and hand. You should also take into account the seasons. You’re probably wearing a thin shirt when shooting in the summer, whereas you’ll be layered up during the winter months. So a stock that fits you in the winter might be an inch or two too short in the summer. A quick way to adjust your stock length is to add or remove spacers in front of the recoil paid.

Sight Picture

Since most shotguns have no rear sights, the shooter sights along a plane from breech to barrel muzzle. In effect, the shooter’s eye is the rear sight. Thus, the amount of drop at the comb is significant in its impact on success or failure. Should the comb be too low, the shooter’s eye will be too low when the gun is mounted and will miss low. Conversely, the shotgun will miss high if the comb stands too high. Shooters also need to determine if they want to see the rib and the bead or just the bead when sighting down a target. This is a point of personal preference, and there’s no better place to determine your preference than at a trap range, shooting targets repeatedly.

90% of shooters will be happy with their off-the-rack shotgun, but you’re not like everyone else, are you? A discriminating shooter such as yourself should consider working with Mid-Valley Clays Shooting School to choose a shotgun with the proper measurements for your body type, then adjust or alter the stock from there and work with you to determine your optimal sight picture.
Call or stop by our range today and let’s talk about how you can be a better shooter.

Shotgun Instruction for 2024

For Mid-Valley Clays and Shooting School, our shotgun instruction program is critical to the success of our business. We take pride in giving shooters of all levels a leg up on their competition or help them establish some clear fundamentals.


Instructors of all levels can be booked using our digital booking tool –>>

Some pricing changes for shotgun instruction take effect immediately and apply to the new year:

• Dave Fiedler – $150/hr
• Vandy Fiedler, Craig Miya – $100/hr
• All other instructors – $75/hr

Please review our stable of instructors and see if one of them might help you up your game –>>