Krieghoff K-20 Parcours


The perfectly balanced K-20 Parcours leads to a smooth swing, instinctive aim and precise shooting. First and foremost the key to success is the intuitive mount of the gun, the rest follows naturally. Your instinct aims – the K-20 Parcours hits. Shotguns are designed for shooting moving targets. Clay or Game Shooting is a fast sport leaving little time to get on target. It requires a well balanced and easy pointing shotgun. Shooter and gun become one. The K-20 Parcours delivers.  Read more at

Syren Julia

It was said of Julia, beloved daughter of Caesar, that she possessed remarkable personal charms. A woman of stunning beauty and elegance. At Syren, our mission is to create shotguns that express the same virtues. So when we set out to craft our next Top Tier competition gun, the name just seemed inevitable.

At its core, the Syren Julia Sporting is a competition-grade target gun with no compromise on its list of features. From high-performance barrels and chokes to a precision-tuned trigger, this model is as appropriate for the world-class competitor as it is for the novice.

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Grace Callahan – Syren ProStaff

Mid-Valley Clays is a Caesar Guerini Elite Dealer which gives us access to world-class guns and it gives our customers some unique benefits when they buy Caesar Guerini shotguns from us. Call us for availability of the Julia and other special guns not available through normal channels: (503) 792-3431.

Lefty Fun Fact

Evidence of right- or left-handed dominance first appeared in humans about 1.5 million years in tools found in Kenya. Before that, there is little or no evidence of hand preference. Click for more fun facts.