5-Stand is a game comprised of 25 targets, a single target and two pairs at each of the 5 stands.  It provides target presentations similar to those that might be found on the Sporting Clays course.  Two 5-Stands fields are available each with 7 traps, including a tower to provide a variety of target presentations and combinations.  5-Stand field #1 has two levels providing a different perspective on targets.  Both 5-Stands are covered and 5-Stand field #2 can be heated to provide a comfortable shooting environment on those cold, blustery winter days or shade on hot summer days.

Please check out the Wikipedia link on Five Stand for more details.

5-Stand Target Fees




 Member 80+

Senior Member Thursday

1 Round





Member-Only Bulk Package
15 Rounds for $120.00 (375 Targets ~ 135.00 Value)

Every Saturday is discount day for youth age 18 and under and ladies of all ages.
Member:  1 Round – $8.00
Non Member:  1 Round – $9.00