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Beautiful day out. First and last sunny day in two weeks. Great time had by us all who had met there for some sporting clays and for some fun practice. Most of us are military veterans and like this kind of sport and camaraderie.

The owners of the Shooting School are very nice and helpful to those of us who were visiting for the first time. Saturday means a discount for ladies. Woohoo! I was happy to take advantage of that and hubby was happy we rented a cart to get around since his knee can go out at any time.

Weather was great so We played the whole course, 13 stations with 100 clays. We were having fun at every stage of the game. We all brought a picnic to visit at the tables after we were done.

We enjoyed meeting David and wife, Vandy, who is military grade shooting coach and offers lessons. She is ready to help new people understand safety and the techniques necessary to have a winning time.

Such a grand time, we teased that we had gone to Diz-knee Land! Especially since the little electric cart turned out to be so fun; helping us to get around the mile or so course. Quite a big deal for us old codgers. We’re glad we went, but don’t want the place to start being so full we can’t go there and enjoy our sport.

– Bridget Smith AlmaHausPress

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