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How it works in 2017:

This is in addition to our normal NSCA tournament, not in replacement of.

There will be 3 divisions and placement in the 3 divisions will be based on 2016 averages and while shooting NSCA events at MVC & SS.  The three divisions have NOTHING to do with NSCA classification.  If you aren’t NSCA registered and/or don’t have a history of shooting tournaments at Mid-Valley Clays, your average will be determined after participation in three of the 100 target Sporting Clays events within the series.  2017 first, second and third place winners in the Willamette Valley and Columbia River divisions will automatically move up to the next higher division in 2018.



Points:  a maximum of 100 points is available from each 100 target Sporting Clays event.  Points will be awarded based on scores shot from highest to lowest.  Example:

Tournament high score - 100 points

2nd highest score - 99 points

3rd highest score - 98 points

4th highest score - 97 points

5th highest score - 96 points

6th highest score - 95 points

7th highest score - 94 points

8th highest score - 93 points

9th highest score - 92 points

10th highest score - 91 points

11th highest score - 90 points

. . . and so on.

Two ways to build Bonus Points –

Example:  No matter how many shooters are in your NSCA class or Hunter:

There are 9 events in the series.  Your lowest score from one of the first 8 Sporting events in the series will be dropped - this could be the zero you took when you couldn’t make it because you over-slept your alarm.  Fall Classic is a required event as we will crown winners after the event and draw for prizes.  Your name will go into the bucket once each time you participate in any of the events in the series.  Woohoo!

Shoot-offs will break all ties to determine first through third place in each division and ties for first in each concurrent division as of the Fall Classic in September.  This gets our shooters used to shooting in front of others just like at a BIG SHOOT.

First, second and third in each of the three divisions will win some nice prizes.  First in each of the concurrent divisions will also take home some nice prizes.